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About Us

At Mega Alliance, we are committed to help you overcome the challenges and problems your business face every day. Our professional services and comprehensive knowledge is here to make available the best advisory for our clients.

Global Vision & Local Expertise

Through years of practice, we understand your needs both locally and beyond. Whether your concern is the reporting requirements of the Inland Revenue Department or other local authorities, you can rely on us to give you the best possible assessment and handling strategy. Business owners, senior management and your crew can better allocate your valuable time and resources into other priorities that is more important to you.

Talk with us to find out how you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your financial management is in the right hands.

A Testimony:

“Mega Alliance has been instrumental in helping us expand to Hong Kong”

Jeremie Salles, Elite Top Corporation

Our Services

Company Establishment & Formation

Comprehensive Package

Our Hong Kong company incorporation & formation services include:

  • Acquisition of a shelf company
  • New company registration
  • Company name search
  • Hong Kong office address registration
  • Virtual office support
  • Assistance with bank account opening
  • Trademark registration
  • Certified true copy documents
  • Company secretarial service


Advantages of forming a company in Hong Kong:

  • One of the lowest tax rates in the world
  • Free trade policies & CEPA agreement
  • Free flow of capital
  • Simple & straightforward setup procedures
  • Low ongoing maintenance fees
  • Common law system & highly transparent public policies
  • Springboard for the Mainland China market with its immediate proximity
  • Trilingual & highly educated experts

Government Subsidies Support

Tailor Made Campaign Advisory

The HKSAR government is actively pushing industries towards digitalized solutions, however there are a lot of uncertainties and underlying cost for SMEs to go through this transition. From building website, installing electronic systems to internet promotions, these are all costly to implement. While it sounds tough, there are subsidies in place to support companies through this digital evolution.

Popular Subsidy Schemes:

  • Dedicated Fund on Branding, Upgrading and Domestic Sales (BUD)
  • Subsidy amount up to $6,000,000
  • Applicable campaigns include brand building, marketing, promotion, website & mobile app optimization plus many more.
  • Technology Voucher Programme (TVP)
  • Subsidy amount up to $600,000
  • Applicable campaigns include purchasing equipment, software & technological solutions and technology consultancy.
  • Export Marketing Fund (EMF)
  • Subsidy amount up to $800,000
  • Applicable campaigns include advertising, participating in trade exhibitions & website setup
  • With a bare minimal requirement of a valid BR, your company might be eligible for dozens of government subsidies. Give us a call to find out which of the subsidy plans work best for you.

Tax Planning & Compliance

Specialties in Dealing with Tax Authorities

To ensure your company is compliant with the local regulations, our team of tax compliance specialists will act in your best interest from your perspective in dealing with the complex taxation matters. From filing a tax return to handling tax disputes, you can confidently rely on us for acting as your tax representative while providing related guidance and advice along your growing path.

We can help you with:

  • Corporate & individual tax compliance services
  • Preparation & filing of tax return
  • Filing the Employer’s return (BIR 56B) & employment emolument of non-employees (BIR 56M)
  • Handling queries issued by the Inland Revenue Department
  • Handling the tax dispute matter on behalf of client
  • Calculation of the estimated tax liability
  • Global / local tax planning including tax rationalization, tax footprints & CRS compliance
  • Tax investigation & field audit support

Company Secretary

Comprehensive Administrative Support

To comply with the complex requirements of the Companies Ordinance, many businesses often find themselves in need of administrative support. We have a comprehensive suite of company administrative services for business owners to support their business entities.

We can help you with:

  • Acting on your behalf as company secretary of the company
  • Preparation & submission of Annual Return document
  • Preparation of minutes & notices for meetings & resolutions
  • Administration of Companies Registrar public register & private register
  • Change of company name
  • Change of registered office address
  • Change of shareholders & directors & their particulars
  • Transfer of shares, instrument of transfer, allotment of shares & increasing authorized share capital
  • Amendment of Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • Deregistration / Liquidation of a limited company

Professional Accounting

One-Stop Solution

Our solution is a professional one-stop accounting service carried out by our highly competent team and qualified accountants. Leave the bookkeeping task to us, simplify your operation and better direct your effort into other schedules, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

We can help you with:

  • Digitalized bookkeeping service
  • Preparation of periodic / annual management accounts
  • Preparation of consolidated financial statements
  • Preparation of specific financial reports & packages
  • Cash & bank reconciliation
  • Preparation of fixed assets register list
  • Maintenance of accounting books & records
  • Accounting policy set up, systems planning, upgrade & review.
  • Web based accounting systems conversion & advisory

Financial Audit

Statutory audits of financial statements are a legal requirement for limited company incorporated in Hong Kong. For business owners looking for auditing service, our assurance service arm Professional Alliance CPA Limited will be here to help.


The future is not yet in our hands, but we can reach out and best prepare to grab the opportunities as they come forth.

大數據與智能世界大會 機器學習推動科技躍進

疫情下不少企業進行數碼轉型,大數據處理量漸多,也要利用更多人工智能和機器學習技術,以推動業務發展,同時帶動新一輪科技變革。 2022年5月17日 據香港貿發局特約記者David Wilkinson於英國倫敦報道,倫敦的大數據與智能世界大會(Big Data & AI World)早前舉行,不少與會者認為,大數據儲量日增,人工智能可從中抽取真正價值,因而機器學習將成為新一輪科技大躍進的推動力。 返回頁首 ^ 商業智能助企業捕捉商機 上屆大數據與智能世界大會在兩年前舉行,剛趕及在新冠疫情封鎖措施推行前揭幕。疫情期間,愈來愈多企業轉到網上營運,令數碼轉型取得長足發展,亦成為今屆展覽會焦點。今年,展覽會再次以實體形式登場,不少與會者都認為,企業進行數碼轉型,雖然要處理大量數據,也要利用更多人工智能和機器學習技術,但卻可走在科技前沿,並帶來更豐厚的投資回報。 被譽為萬維網之父的Tim Berners Lee爵士在開幕日發表主題演講時,對區塊鏈及其相關技術的發展前景抱懷疑態度,但也提出一些有趣個案說明人工智能如何應用到日常生活上。他特別強調亞馬遜(Amazon)正在進一步開發Alexa的智能預測及決策系統,令人工智能變得愈來愈聰明,可以更準確預測顧客需求。 在商業層面,他認為,商業智能是最先進的人工智能技術,可以支援企業利用大數據提升決策能力,從而捕捉商機以及賺取投資回報。 人工智能推動疫後復蘇 另一位講者是勞斯萊斯(Rolls Royce)專屬數據創新中心R2 Data Labs主管Caroline Gorski,她的演講環節主要介紹Emergent Alliance如何借助機構和數據公民(Data Citizen)之力,善用人工智能推動疫後經濟復蘇。她闡釋Emergent Alliance的定位:「我們是一個非牟利組織,於新冠疫情期間成立。我們作為數據科學家,宗旨是向經濟決策者提供更詳實的資訊,在全球危機下切實改善社會現狀。」 Gorski又指,Emergent Alliance現已建立一系列營運模式和實務典範,可惠及其他數據分享社區,有關的總結報告現已可供下載。 另一講者是阿姆斯特丹商業智能平台開發公司Pyramid Analytics的產品管理總監Ian Macdonald。他以決策智能(Decision Intelligence)為主題,談及業界面對的挑戰:「目前,數據和分析界的領袖以及人工智能愛好者,似乎更在意演算法的準確性和建構方式,較少探究各類決策及其對業務營運的影響和效應。」 統一數據助優化內容增加收入 會場內,參展商MongoDB客戶主任Craig Moore介紹公司業務:「基本上,我們提供虛擬私有雲(VPC)作數據庫資源配置之用。當客戶需要高度可靠的雲端服務時,虛擬私有雲就是不可或缺的資產,而開發人員便經常使用這項設備。標準的虛擬私有雲包含多項安全功能,例如維護IP白名單以及無間斷進行驗證。」 另一參展商是來自英國的Costain,從事建築業多年,其後發展多元化業務,涉足工程領域,早前還成立專門的數碼科技部門Costain Digital。Costain Digital安全架構師Tim Burnett 解釋:「由於數碼化轉型步伐持續加快,我們希望為合作夥伴和客戶提供一系列數碼技術解決方案。」 來自美國的Domo是一家增長迅速的雲端軟件商,其首席價值顧問Spencer Wilcox以「大數據未來發展迅速,企業宜付諸行動」為主題,發表意見。他認為,商業智能徹底改變了電視、社交媒體和谷歌(Google)等各種平台的廣告成效分析方法,企業可以通過統一數據,以優化內容、擴大覆蓋範圍以及增加收入。他又指,Domo把人員、數據及系統匯集在一處,確保業務達致數碼聯通,讓客戶在掌握充份資料下作出商業決定。 從數據開支中創造價值 總部位於加州的Fivetran是數據整合服務供應商,其客戶主任Sarah Hashish說明該公司如何從企業龐大的數據開支中創造價值:「一家公司若浪費寶貴時間只為收集數據,而不分析數據作特定用途,只會蠶食公司的競爭力及利潤。相比之下,我們從數以百計的軟件即服務(SaaS)收集雲端數據,將之轉化為高效能的用途。」 英國參展商Brytlyt負責人Mathew Rainbow表示:「我們利用圖像處理單元驅動分析程序,令客戶有能力善用其大數據,在毫秒間作出商業決定。這項技術受網絡協定保護,已有效地應用於電訊、基因組研究、物流、醫療保健和金融服務領域。」 另一邊廂,倫敦Seldon Technologies展示機器學習如何成為充份利用大數據的關鍵。該公司技術主管Joel Hodson說:「我們處於機器學習業務的風口浪尖,正努力推動業務繼續前行。我們相信,隨着大數據革命到來,機器學習的真正價值將會浮現。」   如果有任何查詢,或想進一步了解合作方案,請即與我們的專業顧問聯絡,讓您的企業快人一步持續保持領先地位!   來源: 香港貿易發展局

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